I find this school to be outstanding -- it covers all bases and offers the most comprehensive program imaiginable. It has great educational programs along with adjunct programs that come in on a semi monthly basis to work with the children on science concepts and another program just for fun.

The kids are happy and safe and clean. they come home sharing abou their day and my infant comes home happy and spotless. The staff is warm and warm and always to share their thoughts on how the day went. The facility is clean and bright.

The lunch progrm offered by BUEL catering is nice and makes my life easy by providing the hot nutitrious food so I don't need to send in anything cold from home. I love the fresh fruit snacks they provide. The parents in the classroom program is nice and the new teacher coordinator is wonderful.

The secretary always does a nice meet and greet and the director is always available to address any concern.

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